PCR-360 Overview

It’s all about visibility.

What did you buy? Where is it? Is it being utilized? Are you covering your costs? Are you providing good service? What are the trends in your department? All great questions – PCR-360 has the answers.

PCR-360 delivers a comprehensive set of integrated functions - Service/Help Desk, Asset Tracking, Cable, Product Catalogs, Billing, Knowledgebase and Dashboards – which combine to provide unparalleled insight and visibility into customers, expenses, and operational performance.

PCR-360 functionality has changed the way companies plan, manage, deliver, understand and support enterprise technology services and resources. As a result, users realize rapid ROI, improved technology expense management capabilities, dramatic provisioning process improvements, risk management and a quantifiable bottom-line impact to their organizations.

PCR-360 Functions

Service Desk

The PCR-360 Service Desk is the central point for:

  • Inquiries
  • Requests
  • Service Orders
  • Incident Reports
  • Projects and Problems
  • Knowledge Base and Trouble Shooting

The PCR-360 Service Desk function manages activities for moves, adds, changes, and disconnections of service and equipment. The service order automatically updates service inventory, equipment inventory, cable inventory and billing. PCR-360 handles all types of service requests including laptops, servers, programming requests, monitors, projectors, software, desk phones, wireless devices, voice and data jacks, software and any other device, service or feature-set support as needed.

From a simple incident to reset a password to a complex, multi-month, multi-account project – PCR-360 Service Desk provides a single application for any service request or incident report.

Asset Management

PCR-360’s inventory function provides the tools to allow organizations to define and track any tangible asset (equipment) or intangible asset (such as a software license) on a system-wide basis. All assets are automatically updated when service order or incident report processing is completed to ensure records stay current even while your environment is constantly changing.

PCR-360 allows you to transfer inventory assets between multiple warehouses, locations or technician vans and still provides a consolidated inventory review. PCR-360 also lets managers define rates and product code descriptions, effect mass updates to the system, and track warranty and serial number information.


PCR-360 provides a converged network management solution that provides a visual representation of an integrated data and voice network, combined with the cable infrastructure. This allows quick access to the information you need to track your enterprise converged network, including: equipment (switches, routers, servers, phones, terminals, printers, etc.) cable (inside plant, vendor circuits, bandwidth, etc.), and technologies (voice, data, VoIP, video, etc.) all in a single, unified framework. Complete visibility of the infrastructure saves expense while improving time to remedy, install and provision.

Cable Benefits:

  • allows drill down from sites to buildings, rooms, floors, closets, etc.
  • provides visibility into rack configurations and component locations
  • provides a catalog to quickly find any network element (i.e., location, equipment, etc.)
  • detailed integration with Service Desk for visibility into equipment and circuit histories
  • view and maintain conduit configurations and access locations

The build/display cable path function is a tool that allows organizations to define all of the relevant components to build detailed cable paths from start to end so that you can easily track a path, including all of the relevant cross connection points. PCR-360 allows you to verify cable usage and capacity, automatically reserve cable paths as part of the Service Order process, and view cables by location so that you can proactively manage your cable plant rather than simply react to problems.

CustomerCenter Customer Portal

The PCR-360 CustomerCenter provides end-users with secure, user-id/password access via a web portal. This access allows customers to get on-line self-service without the need to tie up back-office resources. With CustomerCenter, customers no longer have to call the IT Help Desk for many of the common requests that would normally divert your staff. Functionality includes:

  • System Alerts/News - News and Alerts can be added to disseminate information to the system users - messages displayed on homepage for each user.
  • Service Requests - A step by step walk through wizard approach for Service Requests helps users submit orders via a web-cart format.
  • Incident Reporting - A step by step method for users to log Incidents/trouble tickets. This functionality comes with a built-in Knowledge Base search to help divert known issues and problems.
  • Web ViewBill - An html bill rendered in an easy to view format with drill-down functionality to see multiple levels of bill detail.
  • Help Center Knowledge Base - A library where users can build articles to disseminate information and store help knowledge - can be used with Incident Reports to help divert known tickets issues.
  • Approval Workflow - The system provides an approval process that will route requests to the appropriate people/groups for approval before submitting as Service Requests.

CustomerCenter is directly connected to PCR-360 so that all service and incident requests flow automatically into the back office so there is no need to re-enter data. Additionally, this direct connection also allows your end users to get the most accurate and up-to-date statuses on their requests.