Reducing the Cost of IT & Telecom Operations

Self service, integrated cable management, automated approvals all help to reduce costs.

Self Service reduces Help Desk time to collect, triage, assign & resolve service needs

PCR-360’s Self-Service Web Portal not only makes it convenient for users to quickly request service in one place, but further reduces time required to resolve issues by collecting patterned information easy for end-users and helpdesk personnel to understand.

Integrated Cable Management reduces technician’s time to repair or provision

PCR-360’s Integrated Cable Management enables updates to your cable plant with service orders. Cable Plant information is instantly accessible, reducing technician’s time resolving availability of equipment, ports, lines, connections, jacks and everything along “the path”. Graphical representations and field access make it convenient to get the job done more accurately and quickly. Any other system is incomplete.

Automated Approval Processes expedites otherwise time-consuming manual calls

PCR-360 incorporates Automated Approvals making it easy for decision makers, requesters and administrators to get routine actions completed. It’s all about saving time, so you can do what you do best. No more manual phone calls - per each department or situation - relying on varied compliance and chasing down answers. No more forms and paper trails, too! It’s all there for your convenience in PCR-360.

Maintaining Inventory Visibility optimizes procurement and cash flow needs

PCR-360 helps you manage your inventory levels to more predictably serve your organization, optimize cash flow requirements and reduce time to procure. With a complete and searchable history, you have an ideal way to start maintaining PCR-360’s built in lifecycle management of every asset, item and device.

Inventory & Asset Management reduces Audits from weeks or months to just days

PCR-360 already incorporates the lifecycle of everything you manage in the enterprise. Updates are kept as changes occur, right from the integrated Service Order, so your information is accurate all through the year. Audit times are dramatically shortened, saving real labor, helping you identify prevention factors crucial to minimizing asset losses. Warranties are also kept up to date, minimizing unpredictable repair costs, enabling select renewals with easily actionable information not available before.

Provide Users with access to data and reporting once reserved for highly skilled persons

All users need different reports to continually improve their jobs, process and organizational performance. PCR-360 was designed with the user in mind, providing simple reporting conveniences directly from user screens. Powerful search, sorting and format choices at the touch of a button provide for almost all their data needs. Although traditional reports can still be written for even the most complex needs when they arise, your dependence on outside resources and that expense are minimized.